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About Us

Cash For Junk CarsDependable and Efficient Scrap car removal service and Towing company.
We are a family owned car towing service and junk auto removal company with years of experience in serving Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Beaumont and other surrounding areas in Alberta. We bid cash up front to our customers and our services are dependable as well as reliable. The question that arises most often is ‘How fast can towing company arrive?’ Our vehicle removal team can arrive on scene as fast as two hours after your call, so what are you waiting for? Call us for fast, quick and easy JUNK car removal services.

Our experienced and reliable team can pick up your vehicle from any given location. We accept all types of vehicles, from cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles to buses and more. We offer fast and friendly service that pays you well. We do not charge for towing scrap vehicle. In fact, you get paid in cash if your vehicle is in good condition. We also offer car crushing services in environmentally responsible way. Call us now to get the most money for your scrap car.

We are here to serve our customers 24/7, 365 days a year. Call now or fill out our form to get a FREE Junk Car Removal quote. We are the answer to all your Edmonton car towing needs and scrap vehicle removal needs.

How to find scrap car company in Edmonton?

A quick look through the phone book or the internet will show up many companies that are keen to take your old vehicle off your hands and offering to pay for it at the same time. Scrapping a car, however, is a slightly complex process. If you wish to remove your vehicle in a way which minimizes and removes any threat to the environment, you have to be careful in screening through your junk car removal options. Trust us to be your choice as we endorse eco-friendly car disposals.

Do you know what process is involved in junk car removal? The average car is a mass of metal, plastics, glass, various fluids and other dangerous substances which, if not dealt with properly, can cause great damage to the environment.

This is where we come in… We want to give you Cash For Junk Cars

Why choose Cash for Junk Cars?

We have successfully removed thousands of unwanted vehicles and our customers can testify to our fast and hassle free service. We provide quick pickup service and pay you top dollars for your unwanted car. Once we pick up the car, we take precaution to ensure that the car is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Donating your car to Kidney Foundation of Edmonton is one way of disposing of your used vehicle